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Member Portal

Full members of ADR Institute of Saskatchewan automatically also become members of ADR Institute of Canada.  Upon approval, new members receive full access to their "Member Portal".

The Member Portal is "live" and allows for online payments, membership renewals, event and course registrations at member discounted prices, online store, etc., with additional features to be added over time.

Members are encouraged to keep their online Member Profile up-to-date.  The contact information in member profiles is used by the Institute to communicate with members.  Also, the more complete your Member Profile, the better visibility you will enjoy on the public search facility "ADR CONNECT".

"ADR CONNECT" is Canada's largest database of ADR Professionals, available on all ADR Institute websites, which the public uses to find you (for mediators and arbitrators).  The public listing is an ADR Institute of Canada benefit of Full Membership.

MEMBERS:  To access your Member Portal, click here, then click "Sign in" in the top right corner.

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