A member in good standing of the Institute can apply through his or her affiliate to be granted one of the following distinguished national designations:

  • Chartered Mediator (*see note below)
  • Qualified Mediator (*see note below)
  • Chartered Arbitrator
  • Qualified Mediator
  • Qualified Mediator (Family)

These designations allow our members to convey their level of experience and skill to prospective users of their services based on an objective third party assessment.

Users of ADR services or lawyers and other professionals referring clients feel confident knowing that when they choose an ADR professional with a designation granted by ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) they are choosing an individual whose performance has been reviewed and assessed by a committee of senior and respected practitioners who have verified that the professional is working at a particular level.

Highly experienced members can apply for the Chartered Mediator (C.Med), or Chartered Arbitrator (C.Arb) designation. These designations are known and respected across Canada and internationally. These are the most senior designations offered by the Institute.

Members with extensive training and some practice experience can apply for the Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) or Qualified Arbitrator (Q.Arb) designation that indicates they have been judged to be practising at an intermediate level.

Application Fees: For members of ADR Institute of Saskatchewan, the fee for applying for a Qualified Mediator or Qualified Arbitrator Designation is $100.00 + GST. The fee for applying for a Chartered Mediator or Chartered Arbitrator Designation or Qualified Mediator (Family) is $200.00 + GST. A notice will be sent to the applicant once their application has been processed and prior to a Skills Assessment being scheduled.

Annual Maintenance Fees: Once a national designation has been granted to a member, there are annual maintenance fees due to ADR Institute of Canada. Please visit ADRIC's Professional Designations webpage here to view the Designation Holders’ Annual Renewal Fees. 

Continuing Education and Engagement (CEE) Program: Designated members must also commit to ADRIC's Continuing Education and Engagement (CEE) Program.  For more information, please visit ADRIC's CEE webpage here.

Information and Application Forms: For more information, application criteria, and application forms, please visit the national ADR Institute of Canada website at:

NOTE:  Effective January 1st 2021, all mediation designation applicants must have achieved their 40 hours of “Basic Mediation Training” in a form that includes an assessment or evaluation element.  Please ensure this evaluation statement accompanies your application.  For Qualified Mediator applicants, the additional 40 hours of “Specialized Mediation and Related Training” must include at least 10 hours of training containing an assessment or evaluation element.  Again, please ensure any evaluation statements accompany your application.  Should the applicant choose to submit education criteria that does not meet this standard, the applicant will be required to submit to an assessed mock mediation in addition to the Practical Experience component described in the national standards)

All Q.Med. designation applications MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by a summary of your activities over the past year to demonstrate you have been “recently and actively pursuing the Q.Med designation”.

Please use the generic designation application forms available on the ADR Institute of Canada website, as ADRSK utilizes the national standard in application process.

Submitting your designation application:  Please send in electronic format to [email protected]. After receipt of the package, the designation application fee will be uploaded to your Member Portal, and you will be contacted to provide payment, after which your application will be reviewed by the Designations Assessment Committee.