Board of Revision

The ADR Institute of Saskatchewan, a not-for-profit dispute resolution body, has been appointed by the Ministry of Government Relations to provide province wide Board of Revision services for Municipalities across Saskatchewan.  To do so, we have created a roster of Ministry approved Board of Revision hearing members and Secretaries to support the needs of any Municipal entity.  The process Municipalities are required by legislation to follow are captured in the Guide for Municipalities

Municipalities interested in contracting their Board of Revision services can contact our Program Manager and Senior Secretary, Michele Cruise-Pratchler, by phone at 306-528-2131 or by email at [email protected]

A copy of our service agreement contract delineating all fees can be downloaded here  . 


Centralized Board of Revision

A Guide for Municipalities

The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to working with the municipal sector and related agencies to better serve the people of the province. This includes improving the property assessment appeal system to provide consistency and stability to Saskatchewan taxpayers who are appealing their property’s assessment.
This guide (click here  for up-to-date guide) is not intended to replace the legislation but to help municipalities and property assessment appeal stakeholders understand their roles in the first level of assessment appeals.

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Municipal contract template 

The municipality is responsible for the first level of assessment appeal service. Municipalities that want to appoint the CBOR should contact the CBOR to sign the agreement for services. Any costs associated with using CBOR will be covered by the municipality as it does with their current board of revision.

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Municipal Development Appeals Information

Municipalities often issue decisions on development permissions within their jurisdiction and, occasionally, appeals arise from those decisions.  Municipalities are required by law to provide an appeal mechanism for those appeals.  The CBOR is established to help Municipalities address and adjudicate those appeals via our Professional Arbitrator Board of Revision members.  Download an information sheet on the link below.

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