ADRSK and its members offer reduced rate dispute resolution services to SaskSport member PSO’s.  Through a new 2024 service agreement with SaskSport, ADRSK will support PSO’s by assigning Complaint Resolution Officers to adjudicate complaints that fall within the SaskSport policy framework for that form of resolution.  Additionally, for matters requiring the assignment of a Case Manager to navigate a mediation or arbitration of a complaint, appeal, or dispute, ADRSK will assign a Case Manager as well as a professional mediator or arbitrator to resolve the matter pursuant to the SaskSport policy provision. 

Increasingly, ADRSK and SaskSport are recognizing the value of good Not-For-Profit governance education and support.  Often referred to as “Parliamentarian” support, ADRSK members are leaders and educators in this field and can be assigned to PSO’s needing this unique expertise. 

For more information on these services, please contact SaskSport, or reach out to us directly at the coordinates listed on our Contact Us page. 


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