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08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB4: Cross Canada Arbitration CheckupRecordingRegisterADRIC20RB4Register
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB5: Arbitration Appeals_The Good, The BadRecordingRegisterADRIC20RB5Register
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB6: The Arbitration Award: Getting...RecordingRegisterADRIC20RB6Register
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ARB7: Crossing the Border: Canada/US CommercRecordingRegisterADRIC20RB7Register
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ADRP1: Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration & ...RecordingRegisterADRIC20RP1Register
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_ADRP2: Hearing the Voice of the Child in ArbRecordingRegisterADRIC20RP2Register
08/19/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_WHRL1: Emergency – Business Continuity...RecordingRegisterADRIC20RW1Register
08/01/2020RECORDING_ADRIC_WHRL2: The New “Normal” Workplace...RecordingRegisterADRIC20RW2Register
01/01/2020ADRIC Correspondence Course in Arbitration Part 1At own paceRegisterCORESPT1Register
01/01/2020ADRIC Correspondence Course in Arbitration Part 2At own paceRegisterCORESPT2Register

[Updated September 17, 2020] - We have added some additional spots to this course, and there is currently 1 spot remaining.  If you would like to register, please email us at info@adrsaskatchewan.ca and we will contact you to facilitate the payment.

Parenting Coordination 5-day Training

November 2, 3, 6, 16 and 17, 2020
Online by Video

The ADR Institute of Saskatchewan is excited to offer this virtual 5-day, 40-hour Parenting Coordination Training Course in November 2020.  This training meets the Ministry of Justice's new regulatory requirements, including for recognition on the Minister’s roster.

Day 1 - Monday November 2
Day 2 - Tuesday November 3
Day 3 - Friday November 6
Day 4 - Monday November 16
Day 5 - Tuesday November 17

TIMES:  8:30 am to 5:30 pm each day CENTRAL MOUNTAIN TIME

FORMAT: Via Zoom platform (or equivalent)


Days 1 and 2 will cover the roles and functions of the parenting coordinator, the historical context, including the status of parenting coordination in Canada and the US, professional guidelines and training requirements, current research on effectiveness and inappropriate cases, and characteristics of high conflict families. Family violence and the implications for the PC process and the key components of the PC Order and PC Agreement will be addressed. Using case examples, the nuts & bolts of the process, how to set up and manage a PC practice – including referral, intake, checklists, protocols. The consensus building phase, involvement of collateral sources, and an overview of the arbitration phase will be discussed. To prepare PCs for their role as a parent educator, the relevant social science literature research will be summarized. These topics include: the impact of separation/divorce on children, adolescents and adults; consequences of parental conflict on children and adolescents and its impact on parenting and the quality of parent-child relationships; different types of parenting styles and effectiveness; impact of parent adjustment and fathering on child and adolescent adjustment; and developmental considerations for parenting time schedules for infants/toddlers, preschoolers, schoolage children, and adolescents.

Day 3 will focus on the "Voice of the Child". The social science research on the benefits & cautions of listening to the voices of children and adolescents will be reviewed; and various ways the child’s voice can be obtained and integrated into different dispute resolution options will be identified, with a particular emphasis on the parenting coordination processes. The factors related to the reliability of the input provided by children and adolescents, including interviewer bias, memory, suggestibility, and maturity, will be discussed. Finally, a developmentally informed interview protocol will be introduced.

Days 4 and 5 will present a conceptual model of co-parenting work for high conflict co-parents. Disengagement through the structure of the parenting plan, and management of communication between co-parents, are the essential components of this parenting coordination model. The nuts and bolts of constructing and management of a parallel parenting model including the use of email, shared parenting websites, and highly structured parenting coordination sessions will be explored and contrasted. Strategies for successful partnerships with other professionals typically involved in these cases will be explored. Participants will work with case vignettes that illustrate the ways that these cases can get derailed and pose challenges to effective case management. The last part of the presentation will address professional practice and professional risk management in this complex role.

•    Law Society of Saskatchewan - Approved for 40 CPD hours
•    Law Society of British Columbia - Approved for 40 hours CPD & PC accreditation
•    ADR Institute of Canada designation holders earn 50 CEE points

•    Parenting Coordination course materials
•    Supplementary books which will be purchased by ADR Saskatchewan and shipped to students

Participants will receive a Certificate upon successful completion of the Course.

Arlene H. Henry Law Corporation (Vancouver, B.C.)
BComm, LL.B., Cert ConRes, C.Med
Certified Comprehensive Family Mediator (FMC)

is a lawyer, mediator, parenting coordinator, med-arbitrator, adjudicator, instructor and dispute resolution coach. A Sauder School of Business graduate and UVIC graduate of law, Arlene has been practicing law since 1986 and mediating since 1998; she is particularly interested in the mindful restructuring of families, in the areas of family, estate and business law.

She is a former member of the Board of Mediate BC and a current member of each of its Civil, Family and Med-Arb Rosters and has a special interest in children & youth participation in dispute resolution processes. Arlene is on the Board of the BC Hear the Child Society, recently completed her eight-year term on the BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society Board and is actively involved in the development of each discipline within BC.

In addition, Arlene has designed and recently taught the Parenting Coordinator training course; and co-designed and teaches the Med-Arb training course, the Family Law Mediation curriculum and courses and the family law arbitration and family violence screening courses in BC.

Arlene is also experienced in working with aboriginal First Nations, assisting with the implementation of the treaties for each of the Tsawwassen First Nation and the Maa-nulth First Nations.

Members:           $2,145 plus applicable taxes
Non-Members:  $2,395 plus applicable taxes

It is ADR Saskatchewan's protocol to offer spots to ADR Saskatchewan members first for a specified period of time, before opening registration to non-members.  Click here to view our Registration protocolSpace in this training is limited to 20 people.  Registration opened to ADR Saskatchewan members on July 20; public registration opens August 10.  Registration is based on PAID registration fees via our online payment system which tracks the number of spots remaining.

[Updated September 17, 2020] - We have added some additional spots to this course, and there is currently 1 spotsremaining.  If you would like to register, please email us at info@adrsaskatchewan.ca and we will contact you to facilitate the payment.

Request for cancellation must be received in writing to info@adrsaskatchewan.ca.  Requests received on or prior to October 4, 2020 receive a full refund less a $100 administration fee; between October 5 and October 25, 2020, receive a full refund less a $200 administration fee; on or after October 26, 2020, receive a full refund less a $750 administration fee.